Watch The Most Awkward New Year’s Countdown EVER On This Live Show

2016 is past and it gave us a lot of things- good and bad.

But among the list of all the funny and hilarious things it gave us, 2016 left us with this hilariously awkward countdown before it disappeared.

Seriously. The people here look like they all had made plans and they are pissed as hell because their boss threatened them with firing them if they weren’t here.

Seriously. These people look like they just realised that all¬†‘new year new me’¬†stuff is bullshit and their lives aren’t really gonna get any better by celebrating earth’s one revolution around the sun.

Seriously. They look like they’ll snap someone’s neck after the cameras stop rolling.

Except for the two anchors, though. They’re probably on ‘some good stuff.’

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