What Trump’s Win Means To China





During his campaigns, Donald Trump made a lot of promises that many people saw as a joke. From building a along the US-Mexico border, arresting Clinton, deporting illegal immigrants, deporting and banning Muslims to creating an economic war with China, were just but some of the issues that he promised to do when he takes office. Now that he has taken over, it remains to be seen whether any of those promises will be fulfilled within the time limit that he promised.




An Economic War


China is known to be one of fastest growing economies in the world and their ease of doing business is an attraction to many countries, more so in the third world category. With all that in mind, Trump sees them as potential enemies and threat in the world economy rather than partners that they can work with to foster their economies. That is one of the main reasons as to why trump promised to declare China an enemy to America when it comes to economy matters.


Trump and China


Indeed, given the fact that China offers services and products at cheaper prices, many countries prefer to work with them instead of working with America. However, whatever tactics that Trump has in mind, no one has an idea. He is a well respected and successful businessman, having seen his businesses rise to make him one of the richest people in the world. Americans hope that his intentions are good enough to steer them ahead as a country in terms of economy, and truly creating a force to reckon in America’s economy. Given the fact that the US is one of the biggest economies in the world, there trump needs to do a lot to make their economy grow, since they are considered to have reached the peak in terms of development. Trump has so much to deal with, from nuclear issues, to immigration issues, America’s relationship with other countries and many others, and engaging himself with China would require personal effort and so much to be done. All eyes are on the new president-elect as he has been given the chance to enact all the promises that he made to people during his campaigns.


Trump and China


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