Security Flaws In Windows 8.



Windows 8 is exposed to so many threats given the latest developments in technology. The first issue with the operating system is that it has a weak drive encryption. Disk encryption is vital for organizations, but Windows 8 users do not enjoy the feature as it is either weak, or in existent in some machines.

The other issue with the operating system is the weak policy settings for security. Some of the issues include the logging of audit which has not been enhanced for events that have failed, no screen savers that are protected by passwords, and not needing the shortcut of Ctrl+Alt+Del when logging in. The flaws also include the issue of not requiring the complexity of passwords, and also displaying the last name of the user who had logged into the system. The policies that are meant to control the matters are quite easy to do a local implementation on every system of windows for smaller shops of Windows not running the Active Directory. The matter is even easier for the organizations that are large.



Finding the vulnerabilities and dealing with them requires one to have good tools that include port scanners as well as tools for system enumeration like Super Scan. The tools will enable users to detect the flaws in good time, or any threats that come as a result of the vulnerabilities and prevent them.

What is at stake?

Operating systems are vital software in any organization and their security ought to be kept a top priority. Windows 8 Operating system happens to have several weaknesses that were not considered while creating it as an upgrade of windows 7.It would be brilliant that Microsoft looks into the various complains that have been made by their clients and seal all the security loopholes that exist. Making the operating system secure will help reduce the security concerns. Many users of Windows operating systems are fighting towards attaining security, and that has prompted Microsoft to act in several ways to help save their market and solve the issue of insecurity.



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