Rich, Spoiled Teen Who Flipped Off The Judge And Spent 30 Days In County Jail Because Of It Comes Back A Changed Woman

This is a story that never gets old.

18-year-old Penelope Soto was in court a few years ago for charges relating to possession of Xanax, a prescription drug. Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat was in the process of setting her bond. He asked Soto about the value of her jewellery. Soto laughed. That was strike one.
“It’s not a joke, you know, we’re not in a club now,” Rodriguez-Chomat said. “We are not in a club. Be serious about it.”
Soto replied: “I’m serious about it, you just made me laugh. You just made me laugh, I apologise. It’s worth a lot of money.”
The judge said, “Like what?” Soto compared the jewellery to a wealthy rapper. She replied that the jewellery is “like Rick Ross. It’s worth money.”
The perplexed judge asked if Soto had taken drugs within the past 24 hours, to which she answer, “Actually, no.” The judge then set Soto’s bond at $5,000 and said, “Bye-bye.” Soto chuckled and said, “Adios.” Strike two. The judge summoned her back and raised the bond to $10,000, eliciting gasps from those in the courtroom.
Soto asked if the judge was serious. Judges are not known for their humour, and Rodriguez-Chomat is no exception. “I am serious,” he said. “Adios.”
But Soto wasn’t done. Instead of leaving the courtroom she flipped Rodriguez-Chomat the bird and said, “F*** you.” And that was strike three. Soto was again called back and then sentenced to thirty days in the big house for contempt of court.

And soon, she was released after her tearful apology. Next year, the drug charges were dropped as well.

But if we look into the eyes of Penelope Soto, we can see a lot of what goes behind those bars.

Penelope is now allegedly living a drug-free, law-abiding life and I have to say, she looks a lot better!


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