New NES Classic Edition Sells Out In Minutes

If you are not up to date with the latest news with Nintendo, they just released a new NES Classic Edition. This NES Classic Edition is a new console that is just like the classic Nintendo yet in a smaller package.
And on top of all of the same features as the classic Nintendo, the NEW Classic Edition also has HDMI connectivity, 30 pre installed games. On top of all of that the holy grail, all of the old Nintendo users would of loved to of had, a saving feature. That’s right, you can now save your games state so no more worrying about your friend tripping over the cable and having to start all over again.


As you can see, the new NES Classic Edition is vastly smaller then the original classic Nintendo.

The great thing about these new NES Classic Edition Nintendo’s is the price tag is extremely affordable at only $60. But unfortunately just because the price tag is low doesn’t help at all with availability as mentioned. So if you want to get your hand on one of these bad boys to relive some old school memories your best bet is to keep your eyes open around Black Friday as that is your best chance at getting one of these.


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