Mark Hamill Reading Donald Trump’s Tweets As The JOKER Will Send Chills Down Your Spine; And He’s About To Do It AGAIN

The legendary actor Mark Hamill started off his new year by making his fans immensely happy (and equally creeped -out) by reading one of Donald Trump‘s tweets as the Joker.

And we have to say, this is what the joker would tweet if he had just won the elections to the presidency.

But wait, now. There is more to this! According to his tweet, this was recording “number one.”


We can’t wait for number 2 and three, and so on, if there’ll be!

The joker from the Arkham games and animated movies has been the most popular and widely used joker interpretation of all time.

I wonder why Mark Hamill chose to take this character on.


What would we do without you!





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