Liam Neeson’s Santa Claus Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

So Liam Neeson auditioned to be a Mall Santa on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert lately and it was a disaster.

The intense actor who has played roles like a Star Wars Jedi Master, Michael Collins and the deadly hitman Brian Mills (Taken) channelled his stern action star doing his version of Santa, who is swift, calculating and delivering justice.

“He’s making a list..naughty, nice. He’s detailed. He’s single-minded. He’s an eye in the sky bringing swift judgement.” Liam said after his interpretation os Santa was shot down by the people he was auditioning for.

“Okay, but…but he’s also bringing toys for children.” Replied the boss man, trying to get him to act a bit more ‘jolly.’

“Not the naughty ones,” Liam said with an intense husk in his voice.

Frankly, the only thing missing here is the batman theme in the background from when he played Ra’s Al Ghul.

Naughty kids better watch out! Creepy Santa who watches them when they’re asleep and who knows when you’re awake is bringing them ‘justice’ this Christmas.

Start praying, and a merry Christmas in advance, everyone!


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