This Guy Claims That He Is The Real Life Version Of Bruce Wayne; Makes Motivational Videos

Gregory O’Gallagher is a 24-year-old fitness guru behind ‘Kinobody,’ and he markets his fitness programs with bizarre YouTube videos.

But these videos are no ordinary videos.

Filled with rich mansions, Lamborghinis and a lot of other stuff (not to mention the epic music), these videos can be called as ‘Bruce Wayne motivation videos.’

And so far, these videos have worked for hundreds of thousands of people, judging by the millions of views he has amassed. Relating and practicing fitness-related things like fasting and weight lifting, he makes HD videos with some serious motivation.

And this guy’s real story does match to that of the comic book character (more or less).

Well, I would have been that fit too, if I was filthy rich and I had time to myself, all day, every day, only to eat healthy food in the most delicious ways it can be prepared and to look after my fitness.

But hey! If I complained I would be a hater, right!

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