Disneyland Opening Day In Year 1955

Ever wonder if Disneyland has always been as popular as it currently is? Well the answer to that is yes. In fact it was so crowded peoples experience was actually the complete opposite of what you think it would be when a massive new theme park opens up. The massive amounts of people caused huge traffic jams, the park to run out of food and water, rides to constantly break periodically throughout the day and insane amounts of counterfeit tickets.


As you can see, there were an insane amount of people at Disney’s grand opening. And for those of you who don’t like to view pictures in black and white we have a colored picture courtesy of a Reddit user by the name Benana.


Disney expected around 15,000 people to attend its grand opening, but they were in for a surprise when 28,154 people ended up showing to their grand opening. The grand opening was such a crazy experience that the workers ended up referring to it as Black Sunday.

With all of that being said, the insane grand opening experience did not keep future visitors away from seeing what Disneyland was all about. In a time span of only 7 weeks they had seen over 1 million visitors. Just goes to show that Disney really is an amazing place to go.

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