This Device Can Tell You What’s In Your Food Just By Scanning It

When it comes to food, you just can’t be too careful these days.

You can read labels all day. But still, there is always a good chance of adulteration, even in your favourite and most trusted brands.

And when it comes to un-canned stuff, like veggies and fruits, something has always been needed that could tell us what is in our food.

The answer is here, and it’s called SCIO.

It is a molecular food scanner that uses a spectrometer to study the chemical makeup of your food. It compares the makeup of your food to the ideal makeup in the database and gives you a result of purity. It also measures the sugar, protein and other contents of your food and tells you what you’re about to consume.

When you’re using SCIO, not only are you testing your food, you’re helping the science community build up the world’s first and most versatile ‘matter database.’

The power of control, in the hands of the consumer:

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