5 Exortic Communities Still Around In The 21st Century

Across the world, there have been indigenous communities that have been the least affected by the influence of the outside world. Some of these communities continue to live the ways of their forefathers and passing the good old teachings to their children after them. Some well preserved cultures include;


The Maya Community of South America

The Maya are an exotic community that lives in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. The Maya have preserved their ancient traditions for centuries. They are mostly identified by their colorful attires that can be used to distinguish members of one village from another. They practice both Catholicism and their traditional religions.


The Yali of Papua New Guinea

They are an indigenous community that lives in Papua New Guinea which has not been affected by civilization. They are a dwarf community that is famous for its practice of cannibalism. They live in the highlands and lowlands of Papua New Guinea. Their attire includes skirts that are made of grass that are worn by the tribe’s women to cover their genitals. The Yali children are usually left bear while the women leave their breasts uncovered. Yali men also cover only their genitals using grass skirts.


The Maasai Community of Kenya and Tanzania

The Maasai are an indigenous community that lives in both Kenya and Tanzania. Internationally, the Maasai people are recognized for their rich, unique and beautiful culture.  The community can be said to be a form of tourist attraction for both countries.

The Maasai have exotic cultural practices that include the traditional circumcision, wedding rituals and traditional dances. Most of their ways of life have not been corrupted by external factors such as modern education and tourist interaction with them. Like most African exotic cultures, their bead work is incredible. The tall proud warriors of the community; the Maasai morans, are quite a beautiful sight. Maasai’s live in manyattas, which are huts made of cow dropping and mud.

The San of South Africa

The San is an indigenous Southern African community that inhibits the South Africa, Zimbabwe, Angola, Lesotho, Namibia and Botswana. They are commonly referred to as bush men and are mainly hunters and gatherers. Equally, they have preserved their old ways quite admirably.


The Mongols of Mongolia

They are an indigenous community that lives in Mongolia, some parts of China and Russia. The Mongols have preserved most of their ways of life over the years. They live a nomadic way of life and are some of the best horse riders in the world. They usually live in tents. Those that live their ancestral land constantly come home to preserve their ways of life


Over the years most ethnic communities have left their traditional ways of life. However, some have chosen to stick to the old is gold adage.

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