5 emergency tools you should never leave home without

You are always uncertain about emergency situations and you never know when you may encounter an emergency situation on your way to any place. that is why it is good to leave home prepared to survive through any kind of emergency situation.

Here are 5 emergency tools you should never leave your home without no matter what:

⦁ Water bottle


Water bottle


When stuck in an emergency situation you never know how long it will eat and you can always survive days without food but without water, you cannot survive. It is really important to keep at least to a water bottle with you whenever you leave your house. One you can use for drinking purpose and another one you can use as a means of purification.


⦁ First aid


First aid


First aid kit should always be inside your purse or in your car all the time and more importantly, you must know how to use the things that are in the kit. The most basic first aid kit should have important tablets, bandage, safety pins, rubbing alcohol pads, etc.

Check out this tutorial for more ideas on DIY back to school emergency kit



⦁ Power bank


Power Bank


In the era of the smartphone, their battery life is very short and it is always a good idea to keep a separate battery charger with you so that you can keep your cell phone turned on throughout the emergency to make sure that you stay connected.

⦁ Sunglasses




In extremely sunlight day, you don’t have to damage your vision when you will have to stay in direct sunlight for hours, sunglasses will protect your eyes from the harmful rays of direct sunlight.

⦁ Cell phone


Mobile phone


In any kind of emergency situations or even no emergency situations, you must keep a cell phone with you so that you can call your closed ones and let them know about your place or so that you can call 911 for help.

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