How Trump Defied All Odds To Become The American President.




They say never, and no dream is too big right? Well, Donald dreamt and he is now the President-Elect of the United States of America. Donald Trump the American rich powerful tycoon became the 45th US President in a shocking election which put the global market into disorder; this puts Washington’s leadership into a big doubt.

No one thought that a man, who had picked politics as his hobby would outrun one of America’s most experienced civil servant, Hillary Clinton. Trump sparked so much controversy during his campaigns, and many called him a racist, as he promised to evict all Mexicans and Muslims from his country. Although he assured his supporters and all Americans  that he is the president of all America not Republicans as many may think, many expected him to mention the idea of building the wall in the Mexico border but he rather said American will be proud of his leadership in the next 2,3,4, or 8 years he will be in office.




During his campaigns in the last two years he pledged to deport all illegal immigrants, ban Muslims from the country and tear up free trade deals. He openly courted the Russian president Vladimir Putin, insisting US supports for NATO allies in Europe into question and said Korea and Japan should develop their own nuclear weapon.

Trump was a TV star and a successful businessman later turned politician who has never seek or elected in any office. Trump has got no experience in government since in his lifetime he spent all his time staring.




None all of those controversies deterred his dream, and now he is on the verge of being crowned the most powerful man in the world, come January, 2017. Many wait to see what he will do during his tenure, more so, all the promises he made to the Americans during his campaigns. The entire world is watching, from Africa, America, Europe and the Far East. It is yet to be seen how he will relate with some of America’s allies and enemies, and all we have to prove that is just time.

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