Texas Miracle Mattress Company Airs 9/11 Themed Commercial; Gets Shut Down Indefinitley

If you want to sell something, it’s probably a bad idea to talk about something that got countless people killed in your SALES PITCH.

The Texas Miracle Mattress company aired this commercial in hopes of bringing some comedy into the mix and well, it backfired.

And it backfired in such a huge way that the company has been shut down indefinitely. And if you’ll see the tasteless humour of this ad, you’ll probably know why.

I know what I’ll never forget- the face of the lady in the commercial when she says ‘we’ll never forget.’

I’ll also never forget the face of the guy in the marketing department who came up with the idea after he realised this was a mistake. Probably when the reactions to the ad started coming in.



They have apologised to the public and issued a response as well.

Well, for a company that has ‘Miracle‘ in their name, it was miraculously stupid to do this.

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