The Story Of How An Internet Meme Destroyed This Girl’s Career Will Leave You Heartbroken

Social media is a crucial part of most people lives these days.

We share photos and videos, laugh together at cute cat videos and memes daily.

But how would you feel if you were the unwitting victim of a meme?

That’s what one model – Heidi Yeh – says happened to her when she became the focus of jokes and internet memes claiming that she’d had plastic surgery. She says it has had a huge effect on her career and family.

She posed for a picture that someone made a meme of. And things eventually got so bad that her husband left her, sued her and won.


“I stopped getting work. I haven’t been able to sleep well and I have broken down many times, crying”

“I keep thinking…why is it happening to me?”

“I decided to speak out because I wanted to solve this problem”

Is all the fun we’re having starting to ruin lives now?

This is heartbreaking.

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