People Who Took Plastic Surgery WAY TOO FAR

‘In an attempt to look beautiful, beautiful people can end up destroying their beauty.’

Injecting stuff, face lifts, implants,¬†pulling back the skin from certain areas- all of these are considered kind of ‘normal’ procedures these days, especially among celebrities and people who want to be famous.

But along with these procedures, comes a hunger for more perfection.


And with that, comes extreme things like removal of ribs, removal of visible¬†nerves from the forehead (at the risk of going blind, of course) and implanting ‘artificial biceps and muscles.’


We live in an age of medical miracles and while most of these procedures can be safely done, these are not really good for the long run. After all, you can’t put a stop to ageing.

Don’t get us wrong, though. We do appreciate a subtle nose job or a breast implant every now and then. But trying to look like a video game character, or trying to remain ‘forever young’ is just too much.

Here are people who took it way too far and basically ended up ruining themselves (and the eyes of people like us).

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