The Importance Of IT Security In American University In Learning Institutions.



With the current trend of growth in technology, IT has become an integral part of learning institutions as it helps them in carrying out their duties. At the same time, several issues have come up with regard to IT security, as hackers device more and more complex ways of cracking and hacking systems. Cyber crimes have gone up, and many institutions and organizations that did not have proper security mechanisms in place, have fallen victim to the vice in many ways. Thus, there is more need to enhance IT security that ever, hence more calls to have security of institutions like universities have become common.


Security Basics


⦁ Hardening of the Operating System

The new concept of IT security has been founded on the hardening of the operating system. One of the major goals and objectives of hardening the operating system is reducing the number of avenues that could be possibly used in attacking the operating system. If there is a large surface of attack, there definitely is a very great chance that the OS will be attacked. The areas of potential insecurity increase the chances of attacks, while addition of security measures reduces the chances of attack.



⦁ Protection of the Executable space

The protection of executable space is a technology that is based on both hardware and software, and its implementation can be done by the Operating Systems so that attacks using the same technique as mostly used in malware can be foiled. That is to say, the protection of executable space helps in preventing some amounts of the used memory by the OS and other applications, from being utilized in the execution of the code.

⦁ Use of Anti-Malware tools

Several applications that are anti-malware are used in detecting threats, just the same manner that the IDS do. It does that through matching against a certain signature, or even through the detection of some activities that are anomalous happening. The tools at times, tend to be more dependent greatly on signatures, more than they do on detecting anomalies, which basically is called heuristics in the field of anti-malware.


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