Mad Genius Makes A Homemade Hover-Bike That Actually FLIES!

‘Can someone with no engineering background and knowledge make a flying machine that actually leaves the ground?’

There are many answers to this question, most of them suggesting that you are probably stupid to even ask such an obvious thing.

And the most common one of these answers is the two-word sentence ‘No.’

If you want to build a flying machine, you need to study engineering.


Well for this guy, nope.

Colin Furze describes his channel on YouTube, colinfurze, as ‘the home of crazy inventions, brilliant world records and constant disregard to health and safety’ and he couldn’t have been more right in his description.

The crazy genius calls this ‘un-learning stuff’ and in this video, he manages to make a hoverbike that doesn’t only leaves the ground, but flies properly.

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