This Girl’s Creepy-Yet-Strangely-Irresistible Meaningless Videos With Serial Killer Music Are Blasting Up On YouTube And No One Has Any Idea Why

The name of her channel is Poppy and she is becoming a YouTube phenomenon quickly.

And if you look at her ‘strange, creepy, meaningless yet somehow igniting a little flick of weird excitement in your heart and leaving you wanting more of this beautiful garbage’ videos, you’ll still have no idea why.

Yes. We need that many words to explain this. Just have a look.

So this was weird, right?

Will you watch it again? Probably yes. Right?

Well, we have some more. This is her painting a painting that is now on auction and is called ‘Everything is Meaningless.’

Someone has a theory to why the musician (look ThatPoppy up on VEVO) and YouTuber is getting such hype.

What do you think?

What is this thing that makes all of this weird nonsense irresistible?

Well in my opinion, maybe she is a serial killer spirit from a different dimension with a human host and she has backing from some secret society and she made a bargain with the devil and she lives among humans and OH MY GOD THERE IS NO NUMBER OF SUBSCRIBERS ON HER SUBSCRIBE BUTTON!


Maybe there is a reason behind all of this. How she is, why she is and what it is all about.

But whatever it is, I have a feeling like I don’t even want to know and spoil this. Let the weirdness continue.

Because after all, maybe she is an art project. A character. A vehicle to drive the art ideas home.

*Nervous laugh*

(I check under my bed every day.)

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