F1 Racer Max Verstappen Nearly Crashes

Max Verstappen who is a 19 year old Formula-1 driver had a close call the other day. While he was participating in a race in some pretty rainy conditions his car skid from under him and nearly crashed into the wall.

It appears as if Max’s car skid out from under him when he was taking the turn due to the wet conditions of the track. But luckily enough for Max who is only 19 but a very experienced racer, he did exactly what he should of done in a situation like this and was able to take back control of the car and avoid the collision.

I must say though, these guys in this race must have some pretty big kahunas to be driving in conditions like this at those speeds. I know some people don’t like driving in the rain at all, these guys on the other hand seem to love doing it at insane speeds.

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