Deputy Thought He Was Alone, But A Secret Camera Recorded Everything

As most people are aware, being a deputy sheriff is a very stressful job. Often times their work ends up following them home as well, which ends up causing problems at home. But one awesome sheriff came up with a great way to deal with his stress without harming any others. He would go to a secret location where he would then get rid of his anxiety. The place this sheriff liked to go to relieve his stress was actually the elevator in of an aged office building which had multiple floors, but the first floor was the only floor that was actively used. He would take the elevator to the top floor and dance around in a very appealing outfit that he thought was his secret.

He had his secret outfit hidden in a bag on the second floor. When he got in the elevator he would then change into his secret outfit as he knew no one else but him took the elevator past the first floor. So he went through his routine of changing into his outfit like any other day. Then when he got to the top floor he started do do a strip tease in the mirror that was located outside of the elevator door. Lets just say he had a really good day that day.


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