What does Cyber Crime mean to the world superpowers?

Long gone are the days that war would only mean guns and nuclear machines between nations. Nowadays, countries lock horns and expose each other’s weaknesses, depending on how smart their computer experts are. The rise in technology has seen a rapid increase in cyber crime rates and many of the victims have been national websites, with deep and dark secrets being exposed badly.


Cyber Crime

Many at times, the US and Russia have engaged in cyber attacks, whereby the two countries have made claims that the other one has hacked their website and all that kind of stuff. The US boasts as the world’s superpower, while Russia, who were once the superpowers as USSR, want to reclaim their status. They see computer attacks as one of the main ways that they can gain their power back. The US on the other hand, try each day to ensure that they keep their websites intact with tight security measures and also ensuring that their databases cannot be easily attacked.


Cyber crime

China is another country that has been accused by the US of hacking the US government systems. Although not yet considered as one of the superpower countries, China is slowly claiming the status with their aggressiveness in technology and growth. The country boasts of the best brains when it comes to technology, and cyber attacks are one of their main ways that they can attack countries, perhaps without even noticing.


Cyber Crime

With that trend becoming common, cyber security and cyber crimes as becoming a vital factor in determining the power of countries across the globe. That is one of the main reasons that countries are investing in Information Technology. Being able to attack another country’s security system is becoming an indicator of how powerful a country is. A war over the internet is imminent and the most powerful countries are fighting for their place in the world power ranks. As the entire world watches closely, the attacks and cyber wars being amongst the most powerful countries are setting pace for other countries to join in the cyber attack “games”.

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