Conor McGregor Nearly Chucks Chair At Eddie Alvarez

Yup, believe it or not Conor McGregor was involved in another heated press conference with his opponent Eddie Alvarez. This whole debacle started when Alvarez ended up walking off the stage because Mcgregor still had not shown up.
Shortly after Alvarez left the stage, McGegor ended up coming in making a scene like he tends to do. After he reached the stage he decided he wanted to take Alvarez’s belt and it seems Alvarez was not too fond of that. Alvarez then decided to take Mcgregor’s belt from him and at that moment it appears both of the fighters got quite roweled up. Then what you see below unfolded.

It seems like these heated press conferences is becoming a common occurrence with McGregor. I am sure you all remember the last time McGregor decided he wanted to throw some items at his press conference with Nate Diaz. Well that stunt ended up costing him a $75,000 fine. Maybe he thought about that and that is what influenced him not to end up chucking the chair, or maybe not. One thing is for sure though, McGregor sure knows how to get his opponents worked up.

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