Addiction In Extreme Sports

Many at times, the media has labeled the athletes in extreme sports are mostly called “junkies of adrenaline”, meaning that they are addicted to their various sports. Research that has been done on the subject area indicates that at the time of abstinence, the athletes might experience some characteristics states of withdrawal. Besides that fact, there is no research that can be directly linked with exploring the experiences of withdrawal from extreme sports in different athletes across the globe.



Defying all the negative effects
Despite the fact that there could be death or severe injuries, the participation of people in such extreme sports like downhill skiing, skydiving as well as rock climbing is increasingly becoming popular and more. The athletes who participate are mostly called “junkies of adrenaline”. Up to now, there is no research done to show on the different ways that psychological addiction principles seen in other areas like the use of substance, could give an explanation the engagement that is made in the sports that involve very high levels of risks.


Sporting Addictions

There have been arguments made that any sort of behavior that has the ability of engendering on getting an immediate reward can be an addiction focus. Truly, the word addiction, even if it was connected with substances of pharmacy in the past, is now applied in explaining of the excessive, or compulsive participation in behaviors like shopping, gambling, gaming on the internet, sexual behavior as well as exercising.


Sports Addiction


The addiction
The levels which the “behavioral” or “non-drug” addictions are close to the addictions in substance can be debated in many ways, although there exist many things that do not resemble among them. The people with addictions that are not related to drugs share traits in personality that is similar with the people who use drugs, inclusive of impulsivity and seeking for sensations. There are also other similarities that exist in behavioral and psychological manifestations of both non-drug and addictions. The two entail cravings, high relapse rates, more tolerance and also states of withdrawal.
There are parallels existing between the participants of extreme sports and the ones who have addiction for use of substances like drugs. For instance, the two groups show quite high levels of seeking for sensation. The heightened levels of addictions to drugs, mostly seen in the people who have non-drug and drug addictions, have at the same time been identified in the athletes of extreme sports.


Diving sports

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