6-Year-Old Asks Neil Degrasse Tyson What’s The Meaning Of Life And His Response Gives Us The Best Answer That There Ever Is

It’s not every day a 6-year-old asks someone about the meaning of life.

And it’s ever rarer that these kinds of questions are asked or presented to the right person.

And who is more well-equipped to solve the mystery than scientist and philosopher (among so many things) Neil Degrasse Tyson.

A kid asked him this, and the crowd around started laughing at the silliness of a kid asking a grown man about ‘the meaning of life.’ But what Neil said next not only changed the kid’s way of thinking but also made him receive a huge applause.

“…when I think of what’s the meaning of life, that’s not an eternal, unanswerable question. That is within arm’s reach of me every day.”

This guy never disappoints. does he!

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