5 Pinterest hacks that are borderline genius

No matter what there is in your life, everyone loves to opt for hacks and shortcuts to make our life simpler and much more easy. When it comes to makeup and hair, hacks play an important part in perfecting our makeup routines and getting that model look in no time.

Here we have collected 5 Pinterest hacks that are borderline genius


  • Make your eyeshadows pop





If you are using a kind of eyeshadow that is not very pigmented, then try applying white liner pencil or white eyeshadow over the lid and then apply your normal eyeshadow. This method will make your eyeshadow pop and will make it look very pigmented.



  • Concealer in a triangular shape


Triangular shape



When it comes to concealing dark circles, it can be a challenging task, but if you know that right technique you can easily conceal them. For this hack, all you need to apply your fav concealer in a triangular shape over the dark circles.


Check out this tutorial if you want to know how to conceal dark circles perfectly.




  • Gel liner at home


Linear at home



If you have a normal pencil liner and you want a gel liner but you don’t have time to go out and buy it, then this hack can come useful for you. All you need to do is to put your pencil liner over the flame for 3 – 4 seconds and you will have the blackest liner.



  • DIY matte lipstick





For matte lipstick at home, simply apply your lipstick and then put tissue paper over then lips and apply translucent powder or baby powder on your lips. This will help reduce the sheen of your lipstick and make it more matte.



  • Dry shampoo at home





Dry shampoo can be a little pricey and not everyone can buy them but will this hack you can have your own DIY dry shampoo. You just need to use baby powder in the place where you would use a dry shampoo and it will work just like a regular dry shampoo.


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